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What To Expect From HBO Max’s Love Life Season 2

The romantic comedy, which was created by Sam Boyd, served as one of the first original scripted series for HBO Max. The WarnerMedia streaming service launched on May 27 with Love Life being a highlight as a “Max Original.” Not only did Anna Kendrick star in the series, but she also executive produced alongside Boyd and other big names such as Paul Feig.

Love Life is an anthology series meant to follow a person from their first romantic encounter to their very last. Season 1 centers on Darby Carter (Kendrick), a young twenty-something living in New York City. Darby’s love life is chronicled from 2012 up until present-day 2020. Along the way, she has relationships with a handful of different men before meeting “her person.” Darby also finds different kinds of love through friends and family members but it’s not always easy.

Development for Love Life commenced before WarnerMedia even announced an official name for their streaming service; it was then announced that the show would be an anchor program for the service’s launch. Even though Darby’s story presumably came to an end, viewers will likely be interested in what HBO Max has in store for the series in the future. Here’s what subscribers can expect from Love Life season 2.

Love Life Was Already Renewed For Season 2

The same day that the final four episodes of Love Life season 1 dropped, HBO Max announced that the series was renewed for season 2. The romantic comedy was one of the best performers since HBO Max’s launch, so it seemed like a no-brainer to give it the green light. The Love Life season 1 episodes were supposed to be released weekly, but instead, HBO Max decided to speed up the release, debuting new episodes in batches over the course of three weeks. The streamer claimed that interest was a factor so the chances for renewal already seemed bright.

Love Life Season 2 Release Date

Despite making a quick decision to renew, it’s unclear how quickly HBO Max would want to churn out Love Life season 2. The popularity could fast track production so that a new season could air this time next year. There’s also a chance that the service will prioritize other original series to bolster their exclusive content. For now, it’s best to expect Love Life season 2 in late spring or early summer 2021, but stay tuned for any further updates.

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