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Hanks’ “Greyhound” To Premiere On Apple TV+

In a major surprise, Sony Pictures has ditched a planned theatrical release for the Tom Hanks-led WWII battleship drama “Greyhound” and will debut the film on the Apple TV+ service instead.

The $50 million feature, based on “Horatio Hornblower” author C. S. Forester’s WW2 naval thriller novel “The Good Shepherd,” was originally on the calendar for Father’s Day weekend. It will instead be turned into the largest feature film commitment made by Apple to premiere on Apple TV+ in over 100 countries.

Helmed by Aaron Schneider who returns a decade after his last film “Get Low,” Hanks plays Ernest Krause, a USN commander who must protect an international convoy of 37 Allied ships from wolf packs of German U-boats as they cross the North Atlantic.

At the same time Krause, commanding the titular Navy destroyer leading the fleet, battles his own self-doubts and personal demons. Stephen Graham, Elisabeth Shue and Karl Glusman co-star.

This marks the first Tom Hanks vehicle to go direct-to-streaming and suggests Apple is getting serious about its acquisition of films and TV projects as the deal for this was said to be in the $70 million range.

Apple has not set a date to release for “Greyhound” yet but as the film is finished, it’s expected soon

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