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NASA’s next big space observatory — the James Webb Space Telescope — probably won’t launch in March 2021

NASA’s next big space observatory — the James Webb Space Telescope — probably won’t launch in March 2021, potentially creating added costs for the long-delayed and over-budget program. Unforeseen technical problems are prolonging the process of finishing up the telescope, making it increasingly likely that the spacecraft will have to launch at a later date. The grim news is detailed in the latest report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), which performs audits of federally run programs. The GAO, which has been keeping a watchful eye on the telescope’s development for years, claims that there is only a 12 percent chance the agency will meet its March 2021 goal, thanks to a recent analysis done in October by those working on

Huawei Granted Limited 5G Role in the UK by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Defying Trump

Prime Minister Boris Johnson granted Huawei a limited role in Britain's 5G mobile network on Tuesday, frustrating a global attempt by the United States to exclude the Chinese telecoms giant from the West's next-generation communications. Defying Britain's closest ally in favour of China on the eve of Brexit, Johnson ruled that "high-risk vendors" such as Huawei would be allowed into the non-sensitive parts of the 5G network. Whilst such high-risk companies' involvement will be capped at 35 per cent, they will be excluded from the sensitive core, where data is processed, and they will be banned from all critical networks and locations such as nuclear sites and military bases. Such an explicit rejection of US concerns that Huawei could be used to steal Western

London police to deploy facial recognition cameras across the city

Live facial recognition cameras will be deployed across London, with the city’s Metropolitan Police announcing today that the technology has moved past the trial stage and is ready to be permanently integrated into everyday policing. The cameras will be placed in locations popular with shoppers and tourists, like Stratford’s Westfield shopping center and the West End, reports BBC News. Each camera will scan for faces contained in “bespoke” watch lists, which the Met says will predominantly contain individuals “wanted for serious and violent offenses.” When the camera flags an individual, police officers will approach and ask them to verify their identity. If they’re on the watch list, they’ll be arrested. “This is a system which simply gives police officers a ‘prompt’, suggesting ‘that person over there

The ICO’s failure to act on RTB, the largest data breach ever recorded in the UK

The UK Information Commissioner has today announced that it will be taking no substantive action to end the largest data breach ever recorded in the UK. The “Real-Time Bidding” data breach at the heart of RTB market exposes every person in the UK to mass profiling, and the attendant risks of manipulation and discrimination. Regulatory ambivalence cannot continue. The longer this data breach festers, the deeper the rot sets in and the further our data gets exploited. This must end. We are considering all options to put an end to the systemic breach, including direct challenges to the controllers and judicial oversight of the ICO. In September 2018, Dr Johnny Ryan of Brave submitted the same complaint to the Irish Data

Where to sell your website and how to get the best deal in 2020

Selling my business was one of the hardest decisions of my life. Here's how you can get the best price and how to go through the process. Selling my business was one of the hardest decisions of my life. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to maximize the value of my business, and I'd like to share some of that thought process. Most people sell their businesses because they're retiring or burned out. Neither reason applied to me. I sold the business because I planned it from the beginning, and found myself ready to move onto bigger, better opportunities. Those opportunities required me to get the maximum value from the sale of the business, and not put myself in a

10 Outstanding Tricks to Rank Fiverr Gigs on First Page in 2020

Fiverr is a marketplace where people went from earning $0 to making six figures of income yearly. There are people who have a full-time career in Fiverr. Most of the people think that it’s just luck to make that much on a place like Fiverr, a place where services are sold at a minimum price of $5. I think people can earn 90% more if they Rank their Fiverr Gigs the correct way. When you’re on the first page of Fiverr search, you are kinda famous. There are a lot of buyers placing orders on your gig on a daily basis. How can people become a millionaire on a website where services have a starting rate of $5? Well, that’s just what you think,