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How to Get a Job in Hollywood

1. Get a degree in Film or Film Production. While not necessary to succeed in Hollywood (directors like Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and James Cameron never went to film school[1]), film school is a great place to learn the hard skills of film -- camera settings, lenses, lighting, and sound design -- while getting a chance to practice with professional equipment. Many cities have night classes in film at local art schools if you have already graduated. 2. Start with an entry-level position, like production assistant or grip. Filming is an incredibly involved process that often takes over 100 people to get right. From make-up and costuming to sound engineering and cinematography, there are a lot of potential jobs in Hollywood behind the

Living the Hollywood Life

Working in Hollywood can provide the perfect mix of work and time off to enjoy the “chocka” lifestyle. This is one of the few careers that still value the freelance worker giving you plenty of opportunities to have a balance of time off and work while still advancing your career. Travel and interesting experiences are what has kept the pipeline of dreamers arriving in Hollywood steady since the first live action film over 100 years ago. Deciding to work in Hollywood is not for the thin-skinned or the introvert. This is a game that will take all your social, political, and street smarts to play. My advice for those thinking about moving to Los Angeles or New York? It’s hard, but